Thursday, September 19, 2013

Stay Away from Soy!

I have been taking vegan protein supplements for years now, with great success I might add. I have lost 10-15 pounds in about a year and a half (not a ton, I know, but this is without major changes to exercises....just diet). I used to occassionally take a soy protein blend as a substitute from time to time. However, after doing some research, it is clear that soy has some very obvious disadvantages.

I was reading this blog on the pros and cons of pea vs soy protein. I had heard some of the criticisms of soy protein in passing, but had never really given it much thought. This definitely gave me something to think about. I will no longer be ordering soy, sticking strictly to pea protein and other mixed blends which do not incorporate soy.

Soy actually is a heavily used foodstuff in the Western diet. In fact, soy is right up there with corn and gluten as having a dangerously high percentage of even the most benign common food products.

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